Deeside Skatepark

The other day I was speaking to Dave Partridge at Carve Skatepark Designs we have been talking about designs for The Urban Project, so I thought that a research mission was needed to test out his handy work, so me and an old friend Lee Meller decided to session the park whilst all the kids are at school.

The park is really easy to find, straight of the end of the motorway, follow signs for Queensferry (not Deeside industrial estate) then when you hit the roundabout, it’s the 4th turning, follow the road round and you will see it on your right hand side.

We did a 1-4 session which cost £6 for over 18′s, you also have to register for membership (free) so on your first visit you need to get there early so you don’t waist your session. NB: under 18′s need a parents signature so don’t just turn up because you might not get in, phone and check the process for people further away.

Fist impression of the park is WOW, you walk in it is very bright, making it good for pics, but note you have to sign a photographer consent form at the skatepark reception in the park. There are lockers and seating in the park also.

There is a mixture of all size ramps, rails, ledges. There are a million lines and transfers, on this particular day there was about 25 BMX, 4-5 skaters and 1 fruitbooter. It did start to get a few more coming in later on in the session, but be warned as we left the session, the scooters swarmed in like bee’s to a honey pot, so if this is a problem for you be warned.

There is a mini and a small section, then the main park opens up with a large plaza type area with vert walls and few like bumps and ledges, then as you pan across the park it gets more technical till you get to the bowl with hips, wall ride and a jump box with rounded landing, this leads out to a few large quarters and rollin, which are back to back with the large bowl, which in its self has a vert section, several hips and a pretty much funky layout which you will not get bored with, best bet is to look at the photos below, get all excited then go visit.

Big shout out to Dave and the team at Carve Skatepark Designs, they have done a fantastic job here

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